What Kind of Business VoIP Phone Services You need First ?

In today’s technological world, a business has ample communication sources, but do you know which business phone plans are best suited for your organization? Toll free numbers must be your first priority before you choose any business phone services because it’s a gateway to your customers. Today, the majority of e-commerce operations operating online, and instant interaction are mostly demanded to build your business credibility, improving your sales and resolving customer inquiries.

Various Role of TollFree Numbers

Toll-free numbers are seen in many different ways. Those days when we used to consider toll free numbers as expensive business phone plans were gone. Because we provide these services budget-friendly and suited for all business. Here are the various roles that toll-free numbers usually play in an organization.

  • As a great marketing strategy– Toll-free number creates a hassle-free communication flow without making your customer spend a penny. The majority of marketers see it as an excellent strategy to be closer towards the customers. It bridges the communication gap and gives you a chance to seize the prospects.
  • Build Trustworthiness– It doesn’t matter how intriguing your product or services sounds, your customer will always do some kind of research before coming to any purchase decision. Toll-free numbers provide them an opportunity to resolve all queries instantly for better decision making.
  • Sales Pull Strategy– A pull strategy is a process when you motivate customer to seek out your brand actively. Toll free numbers really come in handy in case of mass media campaigns, sales promotions and discounts. It not only drives huge impact but also gives you an opportunity to make huge profits.
  • Resolving customer problem– Besides all these, it is broadly accepted as a great approach for customer care service. Toll-free numbers are quite an effective tool in handling customer queries and problems, and also in molding their buying decisions.

Why Choose POTATO BOY?

At POTATO BOY, we bring you an innovative solution as per your business computing needs. Since our organization continuously adapts to the latest technology, as a customer, you’ll not be disappointed with the quality, flexibility and durability of our services. The factors which makes us the preeminent choice for business phone services are:

  • At PotatoBoy.Com, you’ll find a customized phone system (prepaid or postpaid phone service) to efficiently meet your need
  • Availability of US/Canada vanity number
  • We deliver latest VOIP solution at a reasonable price
  • One can choose among predefined phone service packages for best suited solution
  • Availability of top-to-bottom services- Installation, maintenance and repair service

Endow your business a competitive edge– Let our experts prescribe you a suitable match. To get a custom business phone service, simply reach us via phone at 1-866-627-8059 or send us an e-mail sales63@potatoboy.com.



Calling Cards While Traveling Abroad Can Save You from Hefty Bills

Traveling abroad becomes costlier when you have to pay hefty bills for the international roaming. This does concern person seeking for a conference call because no one prefers to make an unnecessary expense. But this doesn’t mean that you can’t do anything about it. Instead, you can act smartly and enroll for the calling card service (as per the location). By doing so, you can save a lot on long distance phone bill.


At POTATOBOY.COM, we are proud to offer you a feasible calling card of modern technology; which gives you the absolute assurance of seamless communication. Our calling card services are broadly accepted by students, immigrants, leisure, and business travelers.

The benefits of CALLING CARDS are:

  • A convenient and feasible calling solution while travelling in a foreign country
  • Business calling cards give you the seamless connectivity with your client and customer overseas
  • You’ll not face any downtime issue or internet outage.


Since now that you have understood the impeccable benefits of calling cards, networking, we can assume your next step would be to acquire one for yourself, right? Today, the majority of business tasks are being handled over the phone; hence one cannot neglect the importance of reasonably priced communication.

This is exactly where our services come into existence, i.e. to give you the dependable network connection in a pocket-friendly budget. The factor which portrays Potato Boy a reliable choice for calling card service is:

  • Our calling card equipment is PINless and operated on the concept of SIMPLE; giving you the user-friendly web interface.
  • We provide the prepaid calling card for domestic as well as international calling purposes.
  • The calling price is reasonable with no hidden cost; giving you the prudent details of calling rates.

Acquire an international and domestic card at unbelievably low prices. To get the customized calling solution as per your requirement, simply reach us via phone 1-866-627-8059 or send us an e-mail sales63@potatoboy.com.

See How Toll Free Numbers Can Earn Your Business a First Mover Advantage

While choosing a top-notch business phone service, a toll-free number should be your first priority as there are numerous benefits associated with it. It doesn’t matter whether your business is online or offline, having a toll free phone number certainly give you a competitive edge in the market which you can’t even think of.

Since every business aims to maximize the client/customer base, get in touch with the prospects, and achieve maximum sales, with a toll free number, you lure customers towards the brand you are selling. Besides, it has been found that customer usually prefers to dial toll-free number to avoid call cost. This is exactly where the toll free call services come into existence, i.e. paving customer a direction to contact your business for queries, purchase, before sales service and after sales service.

5 Benefits of toll free business phone numbers are:

  • A toll free number gives your business a professional image.
  • It provides an easy way for customers to reach you.
  • The toll-free number makes your business sound trustworthy and captures the attention of customer from broad locations.
  • It serves as a great marketing strategy to maximize sales instantly.
  • Toll-free numbers are the most efficient way to build one-to-one interaction.

Why Choose Potato Boy For Business Phone Services?

Since now that you have understood the benefit of a toll-free number, we can clearly anticipate that your next move would be to acquire one, right? At potatoboy.com, we thrive in providing you the impeccable call management solution of the latest standard. This allows us to bring you the innovative solution at your pocket-friendly rate. The factors which portray Potato Boy a dependable choice for a toll-free business phone are:

  • Availability of US/Canada vanity number
  • Best quality VOIP solution for business at a flexible price.
  • At potatoboy.com, you’ll find customized prepaid or postpaid phone service as per your business requirement.
  • You can choose among flexible phone service packages for the best suited solution.
  • A complete assurance of top-to-bottom services including- installation, maintenance and repair service.

Engage your customer by making it easier to connect. To get the custom business phone service or easy to remember toll free number, simply reach the dedicated online platform www.potatoboy.com or send your query via phone 1 866 627 8059 or via e-mail sales63@potatoboy.com.

A Professional Choice for Business Phone Services

In a world of continuous innovation, the importance of business phone services hasn’t declined for uninterrupted communication and if you are looking for the flexible business phone plans for your organization, then you are at the right place.

At POTATO BOY, we bring you the innovative solution to every business connectivity requirement. Our plans are expertly designed in a way to provide you the value and make your business flourish for prolong period of time.

Why Choose Potato Boy Business phone plans?

Our VOIP, broadband and landline services are of the top-notch quality and customizable as per the individual organization needs. The factor which portrays us the dependable choice for business phone services are:

Affordable price compared to competitors – POTATO BOY brings you the affordable calling rates priced at 1 Cent per minute; 90 percent saving on your phone bill compared to domestic rates priced at 10 Cent per minute.

Specialized to bring you US & Canada prepaid phone number plans – For those who don’t prefer postpaid connection, one can go for prepaid. Currently, we are offering 2 types of prepaid plans:

  • $0.8/month plan; which gives you $0.8¢/minute incoming call, unlimited channels, including the free voice mail services.
  • $5/month plan gives you the service of unlimited incoming call and free voicemail.

Vanity phone numbers – The vanity phone numbers are the local or toll-free telephone number mainly used for the customer care, businesses and marketing purposes. The US & Canada vanity numbers are available to purchase & quote.

Business phone services– If you are looking for the feasible unlimited phone services, then choose among our small business plans, premium business plans, and enterprise business plans.

Get the connectivity to drive your business upward. Besides all these, POTATO BOY is also specialized to offer residential phone service and dedicated internet bundle. Since our organization is being managed by the expert and use the state-of-the-art technology, there’s a complete assurance of best-in-class services at a competitive price.

Hence, if you are looking for the prudent plan for yourself, then do reach us out at 1-866-627-8059.